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it should be not, it should not be surprising that the u.s. government uses all of the lawful tools at our disposal to impede the efforts of valid terrorist targets who seek to harm the nation and radicalize others to violence. joining me now for an exclusive interview, glen greenwald. coming to us on a connectionen
. they express views that the u.s. government kids radicals. secondly one of the persons is deemed by the nsa to be a u.s. person. means heap is a citizen or gre card holder which entitles him to increase protections under
the law. americans, u.s. persons are not exempt from this program. then thirdly, there is a long, ugly history, lawrence in the united states of the u.s. government deeming certain ideas radical. such as the civil rights movement. or socialist and communist. or, anti-war protesters. then taking action to destroy them either their reputations or, their, their professions. and, i think we all ought to be aware of that history and wary of these kind of programs.
they would have in freeing to t undermine them? >> of course if the u.s. government believes there are people in the world who are expressing view points that are dangerous, of course the u.s. government like any government wants to go out and undermine them. there are a lot of people who express radical views all the time including on lots of cable tv stations i would look to go in and undermine. that doesn't mean i want the state trolling through the most private data and releasing it to the world to humiliate them and destroy their reputations. that's not something that we want the state, authorized to do. remember we are talking here,
anybody the u.s. government thinks are radicalizing people with their view points. >> so far there is no case of the nsa actually as you put it releasing this kind of
surveillance scandals in the past have been about. >> glen greenwald, thank you for joining us tonight. >> thank you, lawrence. >> coming up -- how to talk more of how to talk to your crazy
and visualize a monument in cascade twin peaks. exhibit is on through november 27th. join us for a spontaneous combustion. this jam celebrates music and keeping it live. that's your weekly buzz. for more information on any of these events, visit us at ♪ >> i am so looking forward to the street fair tomorrow. >> it is in the mission, how are we going to get there? we are not driving. >> well what do you suggest? >> there are a lot of great transportation choices in the city and there is one place to find them all, >> >> it is the walking parking, and riding muni and it is all here in one place. >> sitting in front of my computer waiting transportation options that is not exactly how i want to spend my saturday night. >> the new is mobile friendly, it works great on a tablet, smart phone or a lap top, it is built to go wherever we go. >> cool. >> but, let's just take the same route tomorrow that we always take, okay? >> it might be much more fun to ride our bikes. >> i am going to be way too tired to ride all the way home. >> okay, how about this, we can ride ou
for insurance. >>> lighting of the national menorah at the white house. u.s. air force band taking part in that celebration. >>> it's looking like black friday already. now there is a chance of bargains. major retailers opening their doors today to kick off the holiday shopping season on one y early. for information on news around the world go to until then, happy thanksgiving, and happe happy hanukkah. >> it's thanksgiving, and perhaps you're washing counsel your turkey and stuffing with a nice handcrafted american beer. millions are enjoying flavors and styles made by the industry on the rise here. i'm ray suarez. the american craft brewing is ththe "inside story." >> there is little known american industry boiling with growth, creating jobs and frothing with potential. we're talking about american craft beer. not in more than a hundred years has there been as many production breweries as there are today. as consumers search for new flavors, coor's and budweiser, the handmade beers brewed across the country are generating billions of dollars in retail sales. now com
schools and keeping us abreast of the process you are going through. i'm speaking as a board member on behalf of the yerba buena alliance as community as guidance for the way forward for yerba buena's future. we really em implore that you use these principals for your consideration of yerba buena's future. a brief subscription of these principles that all these buildings remain so. and that any displacement of these uses should be prohibited. secondly that all sources and often we've seen them turn them over. these funds are legally to ensure they are used for that purpose. regarding the use and maintained by first class professional organizations are great on our mind. we also urge that you consider a dedicated single governing body to over see these diverse issues to lawsuits and project legal struggles. the purpose was to have no dominant use and to manage what was built there and have a diversity of uses. the urge sea of having a single opportunity to continue is very important. i want to conclude by just in endorsing john overruling's comments and to have a sense and openn
will illustrate some of the points with case studies in which dna has been used in forensic contexts. so our body is a marvelous collection of about 100 trillion cells and inside almost all of these cells is the nucleus of a cell here. we can find dna. the dna is organized along chromosomes. he can observe the center of microscope and if we look very closely at these chromosomes, we see this double helix structure, the classic structure of the dna molecule. along the dna are these bases and its dreams of those bases that compose genes. we humans have about 21,000 genes and each gene and codes an important component of our body an important protein or enzyme. so we can think of the dna sequence as the body's instruction manual. it's the shop manual for the human body. i will show you a little of the sequence here and you can't read this. this is about 3000 bases, dna bases, a very tiny proportion of our total dna sequence. in fact each of ourselves our cells has about 3 billion dna-based pairs. so what i'm showing you here is roughly 1 million of the human genome and the genome is our entire dna-b
but then the senior side of surveillance ahead. can the us government is planning to anything now that sentence yet the attic and the stated reason security concerns. for two at the map look at the divide between the us government in the banking coming out. and a new video puts a damper on the thanksgiving turkey undercover investigators reported footage of the crowded set preconditions add turkey breeding farm more on that later in the shelf. it's wednesday november twenty seven signed in washington dc. i mean you're a david you're watching our tea. we begin to date with new revelations regarding the national security agency according to secret documents obtained by the huffington post through adverts not in this they participated in tracking the on line sexual activity if people the agency considered to be pope radicalized or is not part of the proposed plan to target six different muslims thought to have been influencing the opinions of others in carrying out theurveillance the agency was hoping to harm your reputation and undermine their credibility as muslim leaders in the community the docume
day and thanks for joining us. next, president obama pardons to turkeys at the white house. then part of the national menorah lighting ceremony celebrating hanukkah which began last night. from novemberage 25, 1963 of the state funeral for president john f. kennedy. the c-spanternoon, series on first ladies continues with a look at the life of jacqueline kennedy. pardoned twoama national thanksgiving turkey's yesterday at the white house. there is a look. >> ah - good afternoon everybody and happy thanksgiving. ,he office of the presidency the most powerful position in the world, brings with it many awesome and solemn responsibilities. this is not one of them. [laughter] the white house turkey pardon is a great tradition and i know malia loves it as does sasha. generally speaking, thanksgiving is a bad day to be a turkey. especially in a house with two dogs. i salute our two guests of honor, carmel and popcorn for their bravery. they came all the way from outside badger, minnesota to be with us. they, like my chief of staff, are vikings fans. i'm not sure they know that -- see? i'm
and capacity to control the impulses was virtually nonexistent. the genetic evidence was used to challenge it saying the person didn't have the necessary mental state. to provide a novel serious -- that the person's own self provoked him rather than some external person, totally novel theory; right? and try to mitigate. didn't work in this case, and hasn't worked in a lot of cases because the objective circumstances are different than the neurological evidence. evidence of planning as we ordinarily understand it by a guy, taking it to a place, pulling a trigger saying die all right. those objective things lint face a lot of neurological ens. this just tells you -- the red bar is bad for the criminal defenses. the blue bar is good for the criminal defenses. whenever you are in the room you should see a lough red. you should see a little bit of blue and the little bit of blue you should see is around mitigation. in effective assistance of counsel mitigation, and soming aggravation. in general, it's not working we again, remember it's a subset of cases. it may be more effective i
, the downward but drought or not, the downward trend is trend is clear. clear. now nobody is using the word now nobody is using the word "bust ." "bust ." but there is a sense that 2014 but there is a sense that 2014 will be a year of retrenchment will be a year of retrenchment for america's corn belt. for america's corn belt. many farmers who got many farmers who got in the boon in the boon late made themselves go bust. late made themselves go bust. and that will have a ripple and that will have a ripple affec affec ririppleeffect on other ririppleeffect on other farmers. farmers. crop insurance programs would crop insurance programs would help keep help keep prices stable for prices stable for farmers. farmers. but republicans and democrats but republicans and democrats are at logger heads over are at logger heads over food food stamps. stamps. congress needs to get a new congress needs to get a new farms bill passed before janua farms bill passed before janua january 31st. january 31st. if not that is one more headache if not that is one more headache that farmers will have to deal that farm
year in part because of a drought. but drought or not, the downward trend is clear. now nobody is using the word "bust ." but there is a sense that 2014 will be a year of retrenchment for america's corn belt. many farmers who got in the boon late made themselves go bust. and that will have a ripple affecriprippleeffect on other f. crop insurance programs would help keep prices stable for farmers. but republicans and democrats are at logger heads over food stamps. congress needs to get a new farms bill passed before janua january 31st. if not that is one more headache that farmers will have to deal with. jim is a corn and soybean farmer in manhattan. not the one i'm in, the one in illinois, and he joins us now. thank you for being with us. >> you're welcome. >> what are you expecting to happen. what is this discussion of corn prices going lower mean to you? >> well, it's a concern because we just, like you were saying, we raised a corn crop, and we need all the markets we can get for our--what we produce. you know, we're at low prices right now. if we lose another--they're talking $0.15
with us. being with us. i'm joie chen. i'm joie chen. as we begin this holiday most as we begin this holiday most closely associated with closely associated with celebration, with abundance and celebration, with abundance and even excess, it might be a even excess, it might be a little unfair of us to ask you little unfair of us to ask you to stop and consider the worry to stop and consider the worry and the anxiety of many american and the anxiety of many american families on the periphery of the families on the periphery of the economic safety net. economic safety net. but it is an important moment we but it is an important moment we believe to think about the believe to think about the growing need of the many growing need of the many americans who are faced every americans who are faced every day with a choice between paying day with a choice between paying basic bills or feeding their basic bills or feeding their families. families. what do you do when you can't what do you do when you can't fill the fridge, when you're not fill the fridge, when you're not sure how you feed
of the line. it's got to be a lead platinum building. what does that mean to us? we run water, power, and sewer. so, those are some of the biggest things involved in lead platinum. ♪ ♪ >> by late 2008 the project, as we got the contractor on board and we were able to start pricing it, we're a multi-, multi-, multi-million dollar over budget. >> the story a lot of people don't know after we got select today do this project, the first price we came in with was $180 million. and the city said, you know, this is a great building, but we just don't want to spend that much money. so, the project was on the verge of being canceled. >> if you're looking at why this building came to be, in many ways it also included mayor gavin newsome, particularly, who really had an affection for this building. he saw the design. he saw the potential. he wanted to make sure that that building got built. and he said, do what you need to do, but please, if you can make that building work, we need to have that building in civic center. >> i happened to be at a green conference santa clara. he said you sho
cleared the way for the merger between american airlines and u.s. airways. the merger will take place december 9th. >>> spying controversy. according to the huffington post, ral views. >>> another record breaking day, the dow jones industrial average closed above 16,000, encouraged by a drop in unemployment claimed. the s&p 500 also closed at an all time high. those are the headlines. america tonight is up next in joorlsz analjazeera america andt the news all the time at >> on america tonight: food for thought. how much of middle class america teeters just one step away from poverty? and the pain of making families do without. >> i'm not lazy, i work every day. and to apply for food stamps was -- was a new low for me. >> also tonight, on the move. slowly. as wings and wheels slog towards grandma's we look towards what's ahead for that long trip home. and what's not to love? ball of starch, wrapped in dough and fried. new york's beloved knish, and what's on the menu. >> we could never have imagined the outcry for when they're going to be back. >> good evening, thanks fo
the tasty it will be a slight rise on on with the teens from tokyo. us defence officials have signaled they will not recognize chinese control over an area of the east china sea. chinese leaders announced over the weekend that they'd set up an air defense identification zone us commanders promised the talons the zone they pulled through by flying to the fifty two bombers to the area without informing the chinese and its key roles considering a mom with all reports. us defence officials said the two planes people breaking the flight training they seem cool. indeed two and two. they say the police were local the film was hit by a china including the space with a single client. to control. the china and taiwan clean japan maintains that the single coolest built to the country historically and in terms of the national mall. china has said it may respond with force croft entering the film failed to provide identification and fun. but to us. officials said they gave no note. and there was always pulls from china the us military plans to continue flying across the zone china's defense ministr
's your pick him up if he thought it was it due to the us although local authorities about their needs emily and that is what facilities and where are they going to build in the next ten years twenty thousand hectares were together throughout the country when we started to check those lands. the turnout than on the fifteen thousand actors are government property and no exemption is required in the remaining thirteen thousand actors were private land to put us up she said did we just need to work or rather the story is we have all the necessary legislative frameworks this concerns not only tossed the bottle much use well that sport should be resumed in completed a stupor i will ration of boston are our friends all forecast in indicators one hundred and fifty six thousand people live in the capital city today one in seventy five thousand on the waiting list them in pots. the proposal and produced a total siege of lanes takes place around boston and the border areas of the region's development of land around austin and goes on randomly all these cars social tensions. it is necessary to re
. speakers using translation assistance will be allowed twice the amount time to testify, and if you want a document to be displayed please indicate such. >> thank you, let's hear from our first speaker. er >> don't give many of the friends of the library, the system encourages public comment and most of the safeguards of democracy em powers the public citizen, dehumanization, i attempt to counter this by acknowledging by birthday. i am 67 today, 67 is not a major birthday, but you don't need to be [inaudible] to figure out that if yesterday was the 50th anniversary of president kennedy's funeral, i turned 17 after the day of his funeral, he said my fellow americans, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country. after that, he said my fellow citizens of the world, ask not what america can do for you but what together we can do for the freedom of man. finally, whether you are citizens of america or the world, ask us -- ask of us the same standards of strength and sacrifice that we should ask of you with the good conscious our only sure award and history a
picking knowing you and where ninety million us dollars. roland hundred and eighty cover which share the breath out of three to seven ratio in favor of the government. remarkable thing the window to keep sharing the profits of the tv show when plot developed which could make small farmers branch. the cover would only pay when donors during winter in action. they are not allowed to share future profit remained development. truman that he only had eighteen square miles of land available for development. the government to use this method to encourage role in court held that title win. particularly for illegally constructed limited property out of underwear. the government believed that this also occurs when others. melba buy and sell the beijing morning post. the beijing government insurance for seniors that an accident or a collector base and the nurse that if you are like china life insurance company in the coming december. more than three million retired aged residents aged over fifty years old. i'll try to apply for the insurer the total could be the new mac. the preview of the list
us, ben. it's really been interesting. and i want to thank you all for joining us here at the spur urban center. and we'll see you again >> welcome to our rules committee meeting for thursday november 21, 2013. i am supervisor norman yee and i will be chairing this meeting today. i'm joined by supervisor cohen to my left and supervisor london breed to my right and joining the committee today is supervisor farrell, and right on time for your item. so, before we do that though, the committee would also like to acknowledge the staff of sfgtv and also -- who are jessie larson and jonathan goma who record each of our meeting and make the transcripts available to the public online and i'm also joined by our clerk today, linda woning. madam clerk, are there any announcements >> yes, there chair, please make sure to silence all cell phones, the documents to be submitted to the clerk, items will appear on the december 10th board of supervisors agenda unless otherwise stated. >> at this point, could you please call item number 1. >> it is an order nones amending the administrative code to mo
and cheryl who worked in the community if all of us are not here to make sure those goals are met, then i don't know what's happening. i believe we are getting there. you know, it's starting slow but we are getting there. thank you. >> dr. hann kit? >> before you go on, can you call like the next two or three people at a time if they are all for this item. is there one more? great. >> good afternoon, commissioners, my name is dr. veronica hanukkah. i'm with the chairman visor committee over seeing the project. for now, members of this group, dedicated volunteers has spent countless hours and efforts and i have been able to carry this project from the conceptual phase to the implementation phase. i'm going quickly because i have a lot of notes to share with you but you know i'm fighting the 3-minute clock. following the san francisco report on contracting it's very obvious to the cac and members close to the community involved with the shipyard project, the problem with the project, the lan ar's massive community benefits program, basically the whole picture on the ground is not only missing
cause passed by the u.s. house shortly before the 70 and the anniversary of his wartime address to a joint meeting at congress. this is one hour. >> ladies and gentlemen, please , theme our honored guests democratic leader of the house of representatives, the republican leader of the united fate senate, the majority leader of the niceties and become a united states senator if they, and the speaker of the united states house of representatives. [applause] please stand as the chaplain of the u.s. house of representatives give the invocation. >> let us pray -- god of all nations, we ask your blessing all on this gathering of people separated only by a common language to honor today a towering figure of the way first century, sir winston churchill. a man larger than life, often quoted authoritatively and by many accounts usually wrongly. he inspired to heroic a compliment and for severe it's millions on both sides of the greatic in a time of darkness across the face of the earth. gifts, oh, god, you pour out for the benefit of all. waswinston's gift leadership and a time of great ch
're real good for joining us happy thanksgiving to you and your family "around the world" starts right now. >>> winds were strong, and new york, it has to be said, they couldn't stop the balloons from flying in the macy's day parade. a live report coming up. >> thank goodness for that. >>> despite it being a family day across the country with many people off from work traditionally, some retailers, they're staying open despite 9 out of 10 americans saying they're not going to shop on thanksgiving. the retail store backlash, that's coming up. >> if you haven't guess tshgd it's thanksgiving. >> it is? >> it is. i'm hala gorani. >> i'm michael holms. >> a new thanksgiving tradition, that is shopping. more and more stores are open today, blurring the line between turkey day and black friday and hoping to get a jump start on the shopping season. >> macy's broke a 155-year tradition by staying closed on the holiday. but shopping might have a new thanksgiving ritual. most americans don't want any part of it. >> here's the polling numbers. recent university of connecticut poll shows, 93% of respon
's power to dismiss complaints. and it is on the content calendar and one of us can pull it off if we want and it is nothing to do with your power to do that. it is just the options that are available because i saw one man and i am not going to go into it because it was on last week. and among the options, it talked about that you would exercise that power, if, for example, it was being investigated as a criminal matter, the district attorney was looking into it as well. and so, does that strike a cord with you, as mr. st. croix in terms of, without going into any individual matter that is something and has been referred to us, and as an ethical matter, and it was also determined that it was being looked at criminally, and this district attorney or someone, asked us wait, don't get in our way, that it would then be part of your process of putting it on the consent calendar for dismissal. i saw one of those, and my thought was that it might be better idea in those situations if when they can come up in the future if they come up in the future, but rather than just dismissing it, that we hav
-- interpret that to mean an obligation. the state department of finances has indicated to us in other conversations that they this i that we should transfer other obligations like property management obligation of the city. when i'm talking about retaining something, i'm talking about a development obligation. then the third, if the property doesn't fall into those two then it has to be sold. there is only an exception to that and the law which is that if it's a property that it's a very narrow exception if it was a property that would identify a specific use for a redevelopment plan, then in that case it has to be transferred to the city. i have been keeping those, we have kept those in mind as we have discussed these properties internally and physical figuring out what the best plan is for all of these and we'll be producing these to you today. first the transbay parcels and what we are talking about here is one that we own now, we only own one, it's block 11b which is purple. and then we have options to purchase in the if the two other park parcels and block 10 in the corner. so li
, the mitigates are concerned. the lesson learned for us is that schedules communicated must be schedules delivered. our communication process on the multilayered facet of it really needed to be improved. we have had discussions with all of the projects stake holders, i have had many meetings personally with the president of oeb yashey, our general contractor and we have insisted on improved communication, prebid, during the bidding process and most importantly post bid. we understand that our success is totally dependent by engaged a local work force and increased local opportunities. why the market is hot right now, and that serves to our advantage in different aspects of development. actualary -- it is a disadvantage to local participation. you may ask why, but the circumstances are that established local sb's we have created a legitimate business presence. are probably already enjoying the capacity with the work that is going on in this side of the city which is very act ever. so we will attempt to forward, accelerate the learning curve of those that need some business help. and brin
wh uses you will want no one will. not down the dust any vows to continue his political career despite being thrown out to the italian senate thailand's prime minister that the city survived a no confidence vote amid growing anti government street protests the reasons people protest in kiev. heart beats for you. full rich i didn't write minutes to still be a bonus to any remains on the bounce and defiant after being expelled from parliament. the media billionaire is vowing to continue heating his fourth save touted conti and dispatched utilities extensive resources to attack the country's kurdish governments gallery setting no he's pretty on what we must stay on the field be remiss not to stack your needs as a center i choose not to censor anything all that often need is some of the proxies to an hour in common and cd. we know when to move but i mean that. a lot that had been used to doubt the senate would say to say about us getting out said that his conviction for tax fraud. even so the mediation of the fed was still a bit too sweet to sour. really good woman in the senate ev
and they are telling us to move a block up, or there is just no parking at night at all and we were legally parked. from there it just spiraled because we needed more time. we just needed time. we are not trying to break the law. there is less and less parking and there are more and more people coming and knocking on the door and we are getting less sleep and thes making it harder and harder. >> thank you, and please accept my condolences, on the loss of your partner. >> have you contacted the out reach team? >> (inaudible) all of the agencies keep throwing me (inaudible) and i just came bouncing back. i don't qualify for anything he has to offer. >> i am sorry, again i am very sorry for your loss and i really hope that with the help of the other community organizations that you can find some assistance. thank you. >> kelley kutler. >> emily fair banks left? >> and kimora? >> jennifer, fradebach, all have gone? >> all right. >> no. >> hi, jennifer, director of the coalition on homelessness. so, i wanted to just spend time a little bit talking more broadly about the issues that folks are facing and
in disgust at the start of the week the difference. he gets the club beat me to rebate check the cctv use my famous opera jacob it's day five of the protests in thailand as privacy and optional off is now called on anti government demonstrators to seize the protests and hold a dialogue. feel up to us as the riley's other thing that i economy and that the government does not want to enter into any political gains this was a televised address just a few hours ago she's us for opponents to agree to join a panel to find a negotiated outcome. she made these comments like i said in a televised address just a few olives off the weaning a no confidence vote and all that i was an overwhelming mandate photo op the coalition she want was to ninety seven votes in favor hundred and thirty four against the ruling to a type of unit owners bought the same dollar need to know how's the type of them and a half two hundred and ninety nine seats that they survive this three day debate great company but that doesn't mean anything the odd is happening out on the streets in terms of trying to cool things the stand
it will move very quickly like a bullet train through the system that may give u.s. accelerated spee that is a fan quite frankly deliver. therice tag is not small talk about six or $8 billion teeseven this stupid sam francisco trade is already about 100 billion. >> that is correct he could create a new category is teing the waters and let's see what he does. >> you like to think about our space people once assumed only government led or could build the rocket required to bring people into our space but that was more than 40 years ago and then they have not done much but several years ago an entrepreneur were offered $10 million to anyone who could launch in space twice within two weeks one mpany quickly succeeded in a span of less than nasa now a company called space access invented technology to make a launching rockets much cheaper and it makes the money. >> continues the mission to resply the international space station from u.s. soil >> why is this a breakthrough? >> i think the private space industry and space itself as a commercial opportunity represents tremendous new opportun
over they are going to put us out of business. >> nor aiesa >> good evening, my name is nor aiesa, i have been a driver for about 35 years, i have experienced up cycles and down cycles. this cycle i must be honest it's one of the worst i have experienced and yet i have not seen the market end of the tunnel. but i still strongly believe that we can do things to fix it. it's fixable, we still can save it. however, we all have to compromise a little bit and i use the word compromise, not sacrifice, it's not there yet but we have to do something about it. i would be willing to discuss all the small details in this regard but it can't be done possibly now, i don't have the time. however, i am supportive of this new agreement, it could do no harm, it could only do something good for the industry. we are all in it together, we have huge competitor outside here and we already have to compete with them on the technological level and central dispatch is the way to go to give better service to the community. i heard all the speakers before me, none of them had responded to the opening statement
>> hey, i'm wajahat ali and you're in the stream. obesity, so many of us can relate. lisa fletcher is away but my man omar is here. you and i can empathize for today's show, i wore husky pants growing up i was a quote unquote husky kid. that was me at 11. and tit for tat, you have a gut hanging out. 66% of americans are overweight, and there's been a two irdz thdz increase -- two-thirds are increase in,. >> who says in my experience i've noticed a difference in how i'm treated pre, and post-losing 60 pounds. much more post. of course those of you at home we want you to be a partly of the are conversation. use the hash hashtag that you sn the screen, #ajam stream. >> studies of parents of overweight kids are less likely to help them pay for things like a car or you know, college which is important. discrimination is also documented in children as young as the age of 3. the biggest problem isn't about keeping an eye on the scale. rather it's the way other americans rue, treat and shame them -- view, treat and shame them. >> i'm overweight and it's obviously a hard thing to deal with
along the nimitz freeway at winton avenue in hayward. can you see firefighter his to use flame retardant fliem. to put at the fire out. it is slow going on this wednesday night get away. and many of those drivers on interstate 880 could be headed to a tahoe. here's a webcam showing the traffic on interstate 80 through trucky just a few minutes ago. there is no snow, a clear, drive for motorists drivers out there. and ktvu is everything you need to get around this thanksgiving weekend. click on our traffic tab for road conditions and the late oast flight delays at bay area airports. >> company now a rally and march to honor the memory of harvey milk. chopper 2 is headed to castro. this could cause some traffic issues. on market street, again marching up to the castro area. a candlelight vigil is being held to mark 35 years since the openly gay supervisor and mayor george masconi were both shot and killed inside san francisco city hall by supervisor dan white. . >> the supervisor and mayor have been shot and killed. >> that night, thousands joined together in a spontaneous candlelight vigi
bullying. >> all of us are humbled by the virus, how systemic it's become. how do you get your hands around that? for me it's top down and bottom up. we are authority figures and what we do for our children and that's care, but we need to empower them to become the leaders they are waiting to become. this notion of youth adult partnership is esoteric in its term but on the ground how do you operationalize it, those things in the public school who are working so hard to meet the required mandates. schools are driven by mandates, academic achievement, achievement, enrollment. but the conditions in which the virus grows, if you follow the metaphor that bullying is a systemic virus, then the environment has to change so the virus cannot grow and the only way the environment changes is if youth and adults begin to speak with one voice about changing the social norms that allows it to happen. it makes sense to most of us, you have it khaifrpb the social norms. we must educate. but we must go beyond thinking more rigor will get us better achievement. we have to remember a school is a c
place on the face of the earth. place on the face of the earth. europe looks at us like we don't europe looks at us like we don't know what we're doing - looks at know what we're doing - looks at us like we're crazy. us like we're crazy. >> open nine. >> open nine. >> in this special >> in this special investigation, fault lines gains investigation, fault lines gains unprecedented and exclusive unprecedented and exclusive access to prisons across the access to prisons across the united states and discovers a united states and discovers a booming population of elderly booming population of elderly inmates. inmates. we ask: what's the we ask: what's the true cost of america's true cost of america's "lock'em-up-and-throw-away-the- "lock'em-up-and-throw-away-the- key" approach to justice? key" approach to justice? >> i heard him fall. >> i heard him fall. >> inmates call this the death >> inmates call this the death house. house. the geriatric unit at the joseph the geriatric unit at the joseph harp correctional center in harp correctional center in lexington, oklahoma, holds more lexington
and you're in the you're in the stream. stream. obesity, so many of us can obesity, so many of us can relate. relate. lisa fletcher is away but lisa fletcher is away but my man my man omar is here. omar is here. you and i can empathize for you and i can empathize for today's show, i wore husky pants today's show, i wore husky pants growing up i was a growing up i was a quote unquote quote unquote husky kid. husky kid. that was me at 11. that was me at 11. and and tit for tat, you have a gut tit for tat, you have a gut hanging out. hanging out. 66% of americans are overweight, 66% of americans are overweight, and there's been a two irdz thdz and there's been a two irdz thdz increase -- increase -- two-thirds two-thirds are are increase in,. increase in,. >> who says in my experience >> who says in my experience i've noticed a difference in how i've noticed a difference in how i'm treated i'm treated pre, and post-losing pre, and post-losing 60 pounds. 60 pounds. much more post. much more post. of course those of you at home of course those of you at home we want you to be a we want you
tonight, chris van de graaff joins us with his forecast for shopping. >> you will have to bundle up. take a look at the forecast from the belfort furniture weather center. light.ds are fairly with that breeze, that has really allow those temperatures to drop into the teens and 20's later on tonight. manassas. 31 right now in lexington park. 28 in frederick. as we head through the region -- cold numbers areawide. those temperatures really start to dip back through the evening. that cooler air will still be here and it will be a cool evening under a moonlit sky. we will talk about the forecast for the rest of the week and the weekend coming up in a few minutes. right. thanksgiving is a working holiday for people trying to fix the problems with workers tied to that website face of frantic worry eight hours. our political reporter is live in the newsroom. scott, what do we have? this is a self- imposed deadline, one of the white house set as a goal. a couple weeks ago they scaled back expectations a bit but you can only imagine behind the scenes there is not an abundance of ho
line is here. she is answering your questions. >> you can e-mail them to us tweet them to us or facebook us. >> rava is here showing you how to carve the bird. we can use that advice as well. >> but up first our top story for you on this thanksgiving. hundreds of people in ohio aren't spending the holiday at home. they are being evacuated after a train derailed late thursday night with highly flammable chemicals. >> some of the people will not be able to return home until saturday. >> i guess we have to kind of see what we have every day and what we have to do. we have to make the best out of it. >> officials say the cleanup efforts have not progressed as quickly as they hoped. almost 13,000 gallons of highly flammable liquid leaked out of one of the cars. they are still concerned it could explode. >> the video you are about to see this is incredible. watch what happens when a tornado rips through a middle school in indiana. you can see the gym it is actually completely torn apart in just seconds. in this hallway a load of ceiling tiles comes crashes down. no one was at the s
president joe biden will raise concerns with beijing he visits china next week. today, the u.s. secretary of defense called his japanese counterpart to stress the japanese security agreement does include the set of disputed items in the south china sea. bombers flew over those islands on monday in defiance of chinese restrictions. it is still not clear how beijing will respond. the tension could even affect commercial planes that fly over the protected territory. >> we are tempting to determine about the civil aviation commercial air flight. in the meantime, u.s. air .arriers are being advised to >> i spoke earlier with a man who formerly served with the u.s. security council and is now vice president of the atlantic council. he joined me. x much for joining me. how concerned do you think they are in the white house about what happened with china this week? >> i think quite concerned. one of the most dangerous potential flashpoint in general in the world in 2013 and 2014 is, indeed, sort of a dispute over these islands, where rising nationalism in china and japan could lead to mistakes of
the man who had renounced his care has been arrested and charged with kidnappin talents to use force to be raised from his time. i'm a country cannot cross say about it that when we got our mom is standing by at me the chart is full time and it's another relates to a designed play and that might be all right. in fact he's been charged with not above the judge from the stump well what happened with the march twenty twelve you have that too. on the thirteenth of april you have accounted for by the red berets who are loyal to the former president att i counted two against the green berets of some again. but what's happened is that they bear with me was severely rressed these red berets and twenty of them have not been seen since. more than that for more than eighteen months and that's what the judge wanted to. yes and again he wants to know what has happened to the squinty red berets. we'll hit in the camp of the red berries and vomit cope with the families of those who have disappeared off and they explained to us that they have. for them today but it's a great day because twenty summi
, it is so easy to use that even you can use it. >> that is smart. >> are you giving me a compliment. >> i think that i am. >> wow, thanks. >> now you can buy dinner. access useful information, any good morning, everybody. lots of people know each other here, wonderful. it will be a great day. welcome, everybody, welcome to san francisco. to some of you, welcome to the presidio, welcome to this absolutely gorgeous futures without violence center. i want to start by thanking futures without violence and esther solar for giving us this beautiful space to meet in today. is esther here? i haven't seen her. we'll thank her later. they made this space available for us. good morning, my name is me linda hague for those of you who don't know me. i was appointed by president obama a little more than two years ago to be united states attorney and it is my incredible honor to represent the president, the obama administration here in the northern district of california. welcome to the stop bullying summit. i'm a federal prosecutor so it may seem odd that here we are talking about
expects it to increase slightly but shoppers are going to be cautious. >> people are telling us i'm not going to overspend. i'm going to manage it and work off my list. >> reporter: and they're going to comparison shop to get the best price. >> when you see how much you can get things for, it's a much better deal. >> reporter: wait for the sale. >> wait for the sale. >> reporter: even with the bargains, the average shopper expects to shop around $400 this weekend. alison harmelin, cbs news, new york. >>> financial markets are closed today for thanksgiving, but when they reopen on friday, they begin in or near record territory. the dow picked up 24 points on wednesday to close at 16,097. the nasdaq gained 27 to finish at 4044, a 13-year high. >>> and the judge has clear the way for a merger in american airlines. the judge ruled that concerns about competition have been settled. american, united, delta, and southwest will control more than 80% of the domestic market. >>> the obama administration delayed another part of the health care law on wednesday. small businesses won't be able
to be displayed in the us well meaning and yet she said. she let out my dusty in italy one of a single dollar to believe so. you want to until that day still attached. the palace museum in taipei. the continued to be critical of what was taking place in the game palace museum in taipei had to withdraw twenty three of the twenty seven restricted complex selected for the overseas exhibition the song dynasty rankings the three greatest failings of the palace museum in taipei travels among mountains and streams the early spring was free to be taken out route. in nineteen ninety six the exhibition of new prisoners held in nineteen sixty one was uneventful going to say c'mon just seaports and taiwan. sizzling in geelong on the eve of spring principle every fourteen to nineteen sixty one. a giant united states warship cost into the dark i i i i i i grieved all its students with traces of chinese culture. renault's be taken on a solution to the states. these tools in the belief in his opening song was really into an office. aye aye aye some use out of the bill. sailor liza doesn't get its evil. got
in the oven. the butterball turkey talk line joins us with some tips for you that could save your holiday meal. and we check in with our troops stationed overseas as well on this thursday morning. but first we start off this hour for you, thanksgiving travellers may be a bit weary after their first leg of traveling to their holiday destinations, dealing with over 600 flights cancelled yesterday while millions of drivers battled heavy rain, winds and snow. yesterday's storms are now moving into canada. it should be a calm and dry day for those of you hitting the road or on the road already trying to get to some early shopping. the big question this morning will whipping winds ground those famous macy thanksgiving parade balloons? 16 giant balloons will be grounded if sustained winds top 23 miles per hour. or wind gusts hit 34 miles per hour. 15 million people as well will be watching this parade from home. bill karins joins us right now to tell us if those balloons will fly? >> great thanksgiving morning to you, richard. i've been tracking the winds in new york city. everyone wants those balloo
much for spending a little bit of time with us on this thanksgiving. and happy hanukkah, as well, to everybody celebrating there at home. lots of bookkeeping to take care of. >>> sam, meanwhile. samuel j. joining us in philadelphia this morning. right there in the middle of the oldest parade in the country. we'll talk to him in just a bit. ginger zee, meanwhile, outside in the sub arctic new york. hopefully the balloons shall fly this morning. and it is great to have paula faris, dan harris and sara haines all here this morning. happy thanksgiving. and happy hanukkah, guys. >> and thanks to everybody who tuned in to us this thanksgiving morning. >>> we have a lot to get to this morning. including lots of last-minute tips and tricks as you get ready to dig in with friends and family today. we'll let you know everything you need to know to get cooking. and sara promises to have good desserts that we can't wait to try ahead in "pop news." >> right? >> yes. i always bring food. >> josh is cooking. >> i am indeed. >>> we have a lot of weather to get to. and samuel j. all bundled up in
is left of it moving across the mid-atlantic. very cool air is moving in behind us. florida, and a cold one eventually all across the eastern seaboard by the morning hours. get ready for a temperature difference. temperatures into the 20s, getting down into the mid-20s all the way toward the blame on. cold temperatures, combined with a lot of the rain that fell on the roads. a lot of the roads will freeze quickly. a dangerous night tonight on some of the roads in tomorrow morning. temperatures starting to cool down towards new york city, warmer towards boston, the front moving through and by midnight, rain and precipitation is gone, but we will see the winds kicking in, we will see some lake effect snow continue and look at your temperatures for tomorrow all the way through the entire day, 20s through much of new england, barely getting to the freezing mark in new york. a cool day across the area. the rest of the country is not much warmer. down towards dallas, cold area here for your thanksgiving in tomorrow, most of the precipitation is gone and we just have to get through the next fe
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